PICTURES! Big Brother 2013: Gina and Dexter 'fake evicted'

Gina Rio and Dexter Koh have moved into Big Brother 2013's new secret safe house.

Last night, Gina and Dexter were the two housemates sent to Big Brother’s secret safe house where they will live a life of luxury. The couple will secretly live under their housemates’ noses watching their every move, and will be immune from next week’s nominations. Gina and Dexter will have access to a power shower and will each have their own double bed and sunken bath.

Gina left the house to cheers from the audience. Emma Willis greeted her on stage and revealed that the public have been voting to send her back into the house. Gina was then sent to the diary room and the rest of the housemates led to believe she has been evicted.

Emma then spoke live to the house again and announced Dexter is the next to be evicted. Emma let an overcome Dexter into the secret, and he was sent back into the house to be greeted by Gina in the diary room. Big Brother then told them about the fake eviction and that they were being sent to the luxurious secret safe house. The excited couple thanked the public and left the diary room to venture into their new house.

Tune into Big Brother tomorrow, 10pm on Channel 5 for the latest from the house.

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