PICTURES! Big Brother housemates talk to animals

In yesterday’s latest wacky Big Brother task, Wolfy attempted to discovered three secrets that the housemates shared with Brian the emu, Mr Tops the giant rabbit and Margaret the oyster.

In private in the garden, each housemate disclosed a secret to one of the animals, and then Wolfy attempted to discover three of these secrets by talking to the animals.

She thought Callum told Mr Tops the rabbit that he has a problem with how people are reacting to the fact that he is always seen as ‘Mr Nice’, but this was INCORRECT (he told Brian the emu that he was gutted Charlie had lost her faith in him and was questioning things.)

She thought Jackie said she wished there was someone on her wavelength in the house, but this was also INCORRECT (she told Brian the emu that she found the first two weeks difficult but is now starting to relax more.)

She thought Jack wanted a fun experience in the house, but felt that sometimes people enjoyed deep conversations too much, this was CORRECT.

As Wolfy discovered one secret correctly, she won one reward - ingredients for a fish supper for the whole house.

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