PICTURES! Big Brother 2013 housemates get messy in latest task

Here's a sneak peek at tonight's task on Big Brother 2013, as the boys beat the girls in a game of 'Command on Demand'.

A number of props were put in the garden which included eggs, horns, box of feathers & flour, a buzzer that shocks housemates and a selection of pies to take a bite of.

Above each item is an instruction,

‘Splat!’ above the eggs, where housemates must splat an egg over their head.
‘Honk!’ above a series of horns that they must honk.
‘Munch’ above a stack of pies with gravy they must take a bite of.
‘Shock!’ above a buzzer that when they press it gives themselves an electric shock.
‘Dunk!’ above a box of feathers the housemates must dunk their head into.

A series of instructions were called out by Big Brother which had to be completed by the housemates. These get faster and faster until the housemates cannot keep up.

It was boys (Callum, Daley and Dexter) v girls (Gina, Hazel and Sophie) and whoever went the longest would win a special treat.

It was close but Big Brother confirmed that the boys had won, going six seconds longer than the girls.

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