PICTURES! Big Brother 2013 housemates get 'Dead Set' shopping task

Here's a first look at the Big Brother 2013 Dead Set style shopping task, which has seen the housemates become infected.

Earlier today, housemates were woken by a frenzied alarm and Zombies banging on the bedroom windows from the garden. Big Brother quickly gathered the Housemates in the seating area and played them an emergency bulletin VT.

Housemates watched a fake news bulletin showing a virus wreaking havoc on the Big Brother studios and spreading towards the house.

Green smoke then poured in from the ceiling in the seating area and Big Brother informed the housemates that the virus has spread to House.

Big Brother gave the group just six gas masks and told them to decide which of them would get to avoid the mist, with Wolfy, Charlie, Hazel, Daley, Callum and Joe being the lucky chosen ones.

The housemates with gas masks are safe from the virus and will be allowed to remain in the main parts of the House, but the poor housemates without gas masks - Jack, Jemima, Jackie, Dexter, Dan, Sam, Sophie and Gina - are infected and were quickly be directed to the safe quarantined zone in the large task room.

Over the next two days the infected housemates must complete a series of tasks in order to rid themselves of the virus.

Meanwhile, the safe housemates must continue to keep the virus at bay and make sure all of the infected housemates are kept in quarantine.

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