PICTURES! The Apprentice 2013 candidates create ready meals

Here's a first look at tonight's latest task on The Apprentice 2013, as the candidates are challenged to come up with some inspired ready meals.

Lord Sugar tells the remaining candidates: "These days there is a demand for top quality food at home. The ready meal market is worth over a billion pounds per year, and your task this week is to come up with your own ready meal.

"I have laid on three top retailers who you are going to present them to. The team that gets the most amount of orders for your ready meal will win, and in the losing team, one of you will be fired.”

Lord Sugar appoints Alex as Project Manager of Endeavour, leaving Evolve to decide on a leader itself.

Neil and Francesca both put themselves forward, giving Luisa the deciding vote on their three-man team. She selects Neil for the top job, citing his natural leadership skills as the reason for her choice.

Each team is split in two, with one half heading to the kitchen to cook their sample ready meals and the other in charge of branding.

See who comes out on top in tonight's show from 9PM on BBC One.

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