PICTURES! Rows and tears on Big Brother 2013 tonight!

There's rows and tears on Big Brother 2013's Secrets and Lies tonight, as Mole Michael Dylan stirs up the house once again.

In tonight's show, ousemates are set a task involving Michael. In the Diary Room, he must assign certain tags to housemates, such as the most attractive, most boring and most fake.

Nominated housemates Sallie and Gina must predict Michael's answers, winning one party invite for every correct prediction to their leaving do thrown by Big Brother.

The answers however are not Michael's, but rather the public's, taken from a poll on the Channel 5 website.

During the task, Jemima states that she does not want to be labelled as the most hygienic housemate as she believes she is the most hygienic out of everyone. Dan remarks that Jemima cannot make that claim and says that and that it’s not all about her. Sallie tells Jemima that she needs to think about other people’s feelings before she speaks.

Jemima slams: “Dan is just a two-faced c**t. I’m sorry.”

Meanwhile, Wolfy is reduced to tears upset after being labelled the ‘least attractive’ housemate by Michael, unaware that it is the public who has made this decision.

Catch all the action from 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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