PICTURES: Amanda Holden tips water over Simon Cowell in Britain's Got Talent showdown!

It's girls versus boys on the Britain's Got Talent 2013 judging panel this weekend, with disagreements resulting in Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon storming off the set!

The battle of the sexes begins as Amanda and Alesha dance along to a performance from singing duo Two Ways - while Simon Cowell and David Walliams sit bored.

Unable to endure the act any longer, they not only push their own buzzers, but the girls' as well, and an unhappy Amanda threatens to pour her glass of water over Simon unless he changes his mind.

Needless to say, the media mogul sticks to his guns and promptly gets a soaking!

Tensions come to a head when Dutch dance group Pop'arazzi Crew wow the girls, but fail to impress the boys. "It was a bit weird wasn’t it,” comments David.

"I was kind of interested for about a minute, and then I lost it," snipes Simon.

But when Alesha delivered her critique - describing the routine as 'really interesting' - Simon begins to make snoring noises, and Amanda sees red.

"In mine and Alesha’s opinion this is unique, it’s intelligent, it’s imaginative, we’ve never seen anything like it," she argues. "And I don’t know why you’re snoring."

Much bickering later, Pop'arazzi Crew fail to secure the three yesses they required to go through, with Amanda and Alesha condemning the result.

"Maybe we’ve just reached that point where we’ve had enough of each other," says Simon. Amanda agrees, and the girls walk out angrily.

However, after David and Simon see some hopefuls on their own, the foursome reconcile during a break in filming and they later return to the desk.

Check out pictures of the drama below, and tune in to ITV tonight at 7.00pm to watch how it all unfolded!

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