PICTURES! The Big Reunion bands come together for rehearsals

Tonight for the first time, the six bands come together on The Big Reunion.

As rehearsals begin for the most important gig of their lives, Can these former chart toppers rediscover their inner popstars – in tune, in step – and in time?

With only two weeks of rehearsals and the stress of juggling their personal lives, the pressure is truly on - and the bands are feeling it.

The bands are starting to realise that it’s not just a matter of polishing up old harmonies and dusting off routines from the height of their fame. They have to be current and relevant, to find their place in this very different pop world where the demands are higher and the scrutiny far more rigid than it was back in their day.

For some, ‘new’ is great, an exciting challenge - an opportunity to turn up the performance levels and own the stage. For others it’s exhausting and draining, a struggle to keep up with the pace.

One of the UK’s top choreographers Paul Domaine and vocal coach extraordinaire Yvie Burnett are pushing them way beyond their limits as they all strive to achieve more than they could possibly have imaged in the little time available to prepare for the show.

And Five are rehearsing as a four piece as they are still searching for a replacement for J.

With frayed nerves, unrequited love, rubber catsuits and back stage confessions there’s as much going on around as well as in the pressure cooker atmosphere of the bootcamp.

Finally with only a handful of rehearsals under their belts, all the bands face their toughest critics – the other bands - as they perform for each other in a unique and mesmerising rehearsal that is explosive, emotional and simply breathtakingly exciting.

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