PICTURES! Tonight's The Only Way Is Essex sees Joey Essex break down!

Joey Essex breaks down in tonight's episode of The Only Way Is Essex as he shares memories about his late mum with girlfriend Sam.

As they look through pictures, the emotion is too much to bear for Joey, who sobs in Sam's arms, admitting "I just wish I had a mum (...) I just miss her. If I see a picture it just upsets me."

With Mother's Day approaching, Joey asks Sam to visit his mum's grave with him for the first time.

Meanwhile, Gemma's Diet Club regime continues as she, Arg, Billie and Sam embark upon Aqua Zumba at Charlie's house in their quest to lose weight before holiday season, with plenty of boobs and flesh on show as our sneak peek picture gallery shows!

It seems the hard work is paying off, but is their weight loss attempt bringing Arg and Gemma closer together?

Later on in the evening, the gang head to Darrell's club for night out, which culminates in Essex's answer to the Harlem Shake - the Essex shake - led by the one and only Nanny Pat!

The Only Way Is Essex, ITV2, 10PM

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