PICTURES! Louis Walsh gets pranked by Ant and Dec on Saturday Night Takeaway!

X Factor Judge Louis Walsh finds himself pranked by Ant and Dec as Saturday Night Takeaway returns tonight.

Poor Louis is the first celebrity to face the brand new sketch I’m A Celebrity...Get Out Of My Ear.

Armed with an earpiece, the pop Svengali was given instructions via Ant & Dec and had to repeat exactly what they say.

On location at a house in London, Louis had to meet three painter and decorators showing them around his ‘home’.

Unbeknown to the unsuspecting punters, Ant & Dec were calling the shots with hilarious results. The pair were located in another room of the house watching the antics via a monitor and speaking to Louis through a microphone.

Some of the antics Ant & Dec inflicted included telling Louis to:

Greet the first arrival by saying, ‘‘Congratulations you’ve made it to judges houses’

Wear a gold crown and explain, “I’m going to put this crown on as I’m the King of Pop.”

He had to recreate the X Factor pose.

In a room plastered with his images, confess, “I like to sit here and look at myself. I’ve made it I’ve really made it.”

Climb into the fridge in the kitchen and say that’s where he goes to ‘cool down.’

Pick up a banana and use it as a phone to speak to Dannii Minogue.

Greet his next arrival by saying, “Welcome to Walsh Towers, I’m King Louis. No need to bow.”

Reveal his ‘pool room’ which was a room with a paddling pool in the centre.

You can see the full sketch on this week’s Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, tonight at 7pm on ITV

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