PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother 2013 highlights and best bits

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 is over, and here's our picture look back over the past three weeks of action from the house.

Eleven housemates entered the house back at the start of the month, and although we were a tad disappointed with the names on the line up, it proved to be the makings of a good series.

From the get go Big Brother had the housemates on the back foot with a series of twists and tasks designed to do nothing more than stir trouble

And they worked perfectly, causing tension, arguments and rows.

But come the finale night on Friday, everyone was friends (or acquaintances, if you're American) and shed a tear after an emotional and entertaining journey.

Yes, journey, we went there.

From boobs to gunge, basement to bathroom, here's our house highlights from Celebrity Big Brother 2013...

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