PICTURES! Tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2013 highlights

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 continues on Channel 5 tonight and here's your daily first look at what's to come.

Tonight's latest highlights show will see the gang continue their shopping task, which is formed of a series of mini-challenges.

The group have been set various tasks in order to win green PASS balls, and avoid red FAIL balls.

At the end of the day, all the balls collected will be put into a lottery style machine and one will be chosen at random, ultimately deciding the outcome of the task.

Tonight sees the housemates get gunged as they tackle Big Brother's latest wacky game: True or Fail.

Paula and Heidi will be in the Diary Room while outside each housemate will take it in turns to sit above a gunge tank.

Big Brother will ask the girls in the Diary Room questions about the housemate at the gunge tank. If they're right, they win PASS balls and that housemate is safe, but if they're wrong the housemate is gunged!

Then it's time for the final result as the housemates gather to see whether or not they've passed the task.

CBB airs from 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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