PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother housemates get snogging! (but it's just a task...)

Here's a first look at this week's Celebrity Big Brother 2013 task, which caused tears and tantrums.

Yesterday saw the housemates wake up to find a large 'Randomizer' contraption had been placed in the living room, inside of which was one green ball saying ‘PASS’ and another red ball saying ‘FAIL’.

Tomorrow in a dramatic final ceremony, one ball will be drawn from the Randomize machine to decide whether or not the housemates have passed the shopping task. As it stands, the housemates have a 50/50 chance of passing.

To increase the odds, Big Brother has given the group a series of challenges to take part in.

In the mini-challenges, housemates should attempt to win as many green ‘PASS’ balls as possible whilst avoiding earning red ‘FAIL’ balls.

For their first task yesterday afternoon, the housemates were seated in a long line at a table in Big Brother’s Bistro.

Housemates were served a number of courses and had to pass the meals down the line, from one housemate to the next, only using their mouths.

And as these pictures show, the houses ended up getting rather comfortable and messy with one another.

It led to tears from Heidi Montag, who wasn't too happy with husband Spencer 'practically kissing' Lacey!

Tune in to Celebrity Big Brother 2013 tonight to watch the latest...

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