PICTURES! Young Apprentice 2012 candidates set up festival stalls

Young Apprentice 2012

Here's a sneak peek at tonight's Young Apprentice 2012 semi-finals, as the candidates sell stock at a music festival.

After surviving the task six boardroom, the semi-final candidates are relaxing at the house only to discover their day is far from over. They are interrupted by Lord Sugar’s arrival at the house, with news of their final task:

“We’re coming up shortly to the final and the next task is a very important one. Your task this week is all about selling at a festival. You are getting to set up your own stalls. I need you to treat this task as a mini-business. I’m going to give you £1,500 to kick off with and at the end of the task I’m going to count how much you’ve sold and the stock that you’ve got leftover, which I will consider to be your total assets. The team with the largest amount of assets wins.”

However Lord Sugar continues by announcing a twist: in the losing team, two candidates will be fired.

With both teams feeling the pressure to win this week’s task, Patrick is picked as leader on Platinum and Lucy will be Project Manager for Odyssey.

With a place in the final at stake, it’s crunch time. This task will test the candidates’ business skills, as they’ll need to choose the right product, get it for the right price and sell it to the public. But who will make it into the final of the Young Apprentice?

The Young Apprentice 2012 continues tonight on BBC One at 8PM.

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