PICTURES! Young Apprentice candidates shoot adverts

Young Apprentice 2012

Here's a first look at tonight's Young Apprentice 2012 as the candidates are set a task to film adverts.

Week six of the competition begins as the seven remaining candidates receive a morning phone call telling them to meet Lord Sugar at a central London hair salon. There, Lord Sugar explains this week’s task:

“As a nation, we’re spending over £200 million a year on hair styling products. It’s a huge market, and your task this week is very simple: you have got to make a television advert for a hair styling product, and then pitch your brand and advertising campaign to advertising professionals who are going to feed their thoughts back to me. And the team that comes up with the best campaign will win, and unfortunately in the losing team, one of you will be fired.”

The teams are once again mixed, with Andrew and Lucy moving to Odyssey to join Navdeep and Steven. Meanwhile Patrick and Maria change to Platinum to join Ashleigh. As Maria is yet to be Project Manager, Lord Sugar decides she will lead Platinum, before selecting Andrew as Odyssey’s PM.

The teams now have three days to create, brand and shoot an advert for a new hair styling product, finishing with a pitch to industry professions.

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