PICTURES! On tonight's Young Apprentice 2012 task...


Here's a sneak peek at this evening's latest task on The Young Apprentice 2012...

Week Five of the competition begins as the eight remaining candidates receive an early morning surprise delivery, in the form of a video message from Lord Sugar about this week’s task:

“Good morning. I’m sure you lot think of yourselves as young adults, but for this task you’re going to need to go back and think of what it was like to be a kid. The children’s entertainment industry is always on the hunt for the next kids’ craze. Some of the most successful kids’ clubs manage to do it by combining fun with education. So your task is not only to create a new kids’ club that is going to capture the imagination of the youngsters, but it’s also got to get the attention of investors. And if they like your idea, they’ll buy licences from you. The team that gets the biggest order for licences will win and, as usual, in the losing team one of you will be fired.”

Lord Sugar mixes teams up this week, with Andrew, Ashleigh, David and Lucy forming Team Platinum, and Team Odyssey consisting of Maria, Navdeep, Patrick and Steven.

Each team must first decide upon their Project Manager for this week’s task, with Platinum choosing Ashleigh and Odyssey voting for Navdeep. Next, they must brainstorm a concept for their kids’ club.

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