PICTURES! Young Apprentice 2012 candidates produce cookery books


Tonight sees the remaining Young Apprentice 2012 candidates take on their second challenge from Lord Sugar.

It’s week two and the candidates are called to meet Lord Sugar at London restaurant Sketch. There, Lord Sugar explains the next task:

“You’re going to produce a cookery book, and, in a couple of days’ time, you’re going to present those cookbooks to three retailers that I have laid on.”

The teams have two days to design and print a new cookbook, and then pitch it to three of the UK’s top booksellers. The team that receives the greatest amount of orders will win, and, on the losing team, one candidate will be fired.

After Lord Sugar mixes the teams up a bit, putting Maria on Odyssey and Steven on Platinum, the candidates set off. But which team will have the recipe for success?

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