PICTURES! Coleen and Julian host Celebrity Big Brother's shopping channel!

CBB_DAY 21_COLEEN PLAYING THE TRUMPET ON Shopping Channel Big Brothers Big Deals

Coleen and Julian became the shopping channel host for the final Celebrity Big Brother shopping task yesterday.

The pair were attempting to sell the following 15 items:

• A nose trimmer

• Chicken fillets

• Edible caterpillars

• Candy underwear (worn by male and female)

• Jockey training machine

• Gloves with six fingers

• A caricature of Julie Goodyear

• Mud and egg face mask

• Ventriloquist doll

• Trumpet

• Animal balloon tricks – long balloons

• Shake weight

• Arms and legs full body sleeping bag

• Musical piano tie

• Instant Julie Goodyear throat spray and Prince Lorenzo Accent throat spray.

Housemates chose Prince Lorenzo as the shopper who shopped until he dropped by remembering and ordering all 15 of the items that were for sale. Therefore housemates successfully passed this part of the task.

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