PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother 2012 Gods and Mortals task latest


Here's the latest from this week's Celebrity Big Brother shopping task, as the housemates compete to become Gods!

Housemates will be split into Gods and mortals. Gods will live the life of luxury on Mount Olympus (the Large Task Room and Garden) whereas mortals will banished from going outside as they toil away their days inside the House down on Earth.

The mortals will compete against each other in a series of trials, after each trial it will be down to the Gods to decide which mortal pleased them the most. This mortal will then become a God themselves and join Mount Olympus.

Gods must choose mortals wisely as at the end of the task the Gods themselves will compete in the final trial. Passing this trial will secure housemates a luxury shopping budget for the House.

Julie will be selected to become Aphrodite, the God of Love and Martin will become Zeus, King of the Gods.

The remaining Housemates will start the task as mortals.

The Gods will be given an ‘all seeing eye’. Through this eye they will be able to watch over the mortals down on Earth. However, they are NOT permitted to let the mortals know that they have this power.

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