PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother housemates get gunged!


The Celebrity Big Brother 2012 housemates ended up getting gunged yesterday after they took part in The Majority Rules, a controversial quiz task!

Each housemate sat in the hot seat in turn while Big Brother asked their fellow housemates a few questions about them. If the housemate in the hot seat was able to correctly guess how the majority of the housemates had voted, then they would remain dry. But get it wrong and they were gunged.

A total of 6 housemates were gunged during the game – they were Martin, The Situation, Prince Lorenzo, Rhian, Danica and Harvey.

Martin said he was the alpha male in the house, but the group disagreed.

Prince Lorenzo thought he was the most intelligent housemate, but the other housemates disagreed.

The group thought that The Situation was a ridiculous name, but he didn't!

Rhian thought she was the most glamourous girl in the house, but the majority of the housemates felt otherwise.

Danica said her career wasn't immoral, but the group thought it was.

Finally, Harvey branded himself a loverat while the other housemates didn't!

Tune in to Celebrity Big Brother tonight on Channel 5 to watch all the action.

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