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Emma Willis to enter Celebrity Big Brother house tonight for face to face nominations

Emma Willis will enter the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house tonight for face to face nominations.


The opening week of the series is over and the first elimination looms. The opening nominations of the series will happen this evening, January 8, LIVE from 9PM on Channel 5 – and face to face.

In a twist, the women still have the power and therefore they alone will be the only ones to nominate.

However five housemates – Malika, Amanda, Jess and Maggie and Shane J – are immune and cannot be nominated.

Those who receive the most nominations will face the first eviction on Friday 12th January.

In her video diary ahead of tonight’s show, host Emma said “It’s been a wonderful, four days since the men have arrived. I’ve loved, literally loved every second of watching it.

“I think we’ve seen a lot of fun, a lot of discussion and I think it’s a really refreshing change that those discussions don’t end in tantrums or arguments or people screaming at each other.

“Everyone’s really happy to listen to everyone else’s opinion and respect that opinion. Honestly, I just love it.”

Teasing this evening’s episode, Emma continued: “Tonight you’ll see them do an open mic session to display their talents. It’s absolutely brilliant.

“Then we are going into the house to do live face to face nominations. This is where I don’t want it all to change and everyone get mad with each other. They all seem to really respect one another.


“Hopefully, this will be taken how it should be, a fundamental rule of Big Brother. You have to nominate someone otherwise we’ll have all of them in there for the next four weeks.

“Which I personally would love but we have got start kicking hem out, basically.”

Emma added: “First eviction show is on Friday, so tonight live face to face noms. I’m going in but hopefully it will be a good vibe in there.


“And it won’t all kick off. Although you might want something kicking off…”


Celebrity Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

The 90 minute show runs to 10:30PM before Bit On The Side airs at 11:35PM.