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Educating Manchester reveals heartbreaking aftermath of concert attack on local children

Tonight’s first episode of Educating Manchester proved rather emotional.


The brand new series started this evening on Channel 4, following life in a brand new school

It’s the fifth series of the ‘Educating…’ show which has won awards for past series including Educating Cardiff and Educating Yorkshire.

This time the show is in Manchester following life in Harrop Fold School. It’s a school at the heart of a changing community, dealing every day with everything that that throws at them.

However it’s unlikely any of the students or teachers expected the events that unfolded earlier this year.

Educating Manchester

22 people were killed and many more injured in a suicide bomb attack at Manchester Arena following an Ariana Grande concert in May.

A number of those at the school attended the show and Educating Manchester revealed their experiences.


As staff faced the worrying task of accounting for their students, one Year 10 girl at the concert recalled: “All of a sudden we heard of a massive explosion then it went quiet before everyone started screaming.”

And a Year 11 pupil remembered how he was close to being crushed trying to escape the blast.

“The sound of screams, the sound of ambulances, it didn’t seem real. The next day I found out 22 people had died,” he added.

“I feel like my future’s not safe,” another pupil added. All pupils from the school survived the attack.

The show also dealt with the impact the attack had on Muslim pupils who faced insults in the wake of the explosion.

Away from the tragedy, the opening episode also saw the start of a new friendship between local boy Jack and new arrival Rani.

Rani moved to the school after arriving in the UK from war torn Syria. After first struggling to fit in, Rani found his friend in Jack and it left viewers with a very warm feeling inside.


“That wee boy Jack trying to befriend Rani, restores your faith in humanity #EducatingGreaterManchester,” one viewer tweeted.

Educating Manchester continues next Thursday, 9PM on Channel 4.

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