Man wakes up as a French-speaking Matthew McConaughey on Bizarre ER

E4's shocking new medical series Bizarre ER was back this week with some weird and wonderful stories from the UK's hospitals.

In what's basically an E4 version of Channel 4's 24 Hours In A&E, Bizarre ER is a brand new series that follows the most unexpected, unusual and weird cases from hospitals around the UK.

The incredible accounts of people who have been caught in bizarre accidents and lived to tell the tale will also be retold through light-hearted cartoon reconstructions.

One of the cases on this show this past month was Rory who survived a car accident, only to wake up convinced that he was a Hollywood superstar.


After a serious crash that left him in a coma for two months, Rory pulled through but woke up speaking French and convinced he was Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey.

"When I looked into the mirror I was shocked I didn't look like him," Rory said.

Also in the latest episode - which you can watch now on All4 - were an injured rope maker who is tied up in knots, a squeamish patient with a piercing gone wrong, and a guy who tangled with his lawnmower.

On Bizarre ER this week is a man who was injured trying to help his wife give CPR to a goldfish, a groom whose injury could mean that he can't tie the knot, and the story of a kite surfer who survived falling from a great height into a brick wall.

Bizarre ER airs Tuesday nights on E4 at 10PM.

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