Benidorm spoilers! Watch preview from tonight's show as Psychic Sue returns!

Psychic Sue (Amanda Barrie) is back

Here's a first look at tonight's Benidorm on ITV as Psychic Sue (Amanda Barrie) returns!

In tonight's show, is Pauline pregnant, who’s the daddy? Cue the Oracle’s golden opportunity to hone his sleuthing skills.

Billy gets some life changing advice and the staff feel the heat at the Solana Psychic convention. The boys bank on a profitable trip to the casino.

The episode guests Amanda Barrie as Psychic Sue as well as psychic Uri Geller.

ITV’s award winning comedy Benidorm returned to the channel for its ninth series earlier this year.


The new holiday season kicked off at the Solana resort with the return of two popular characters - Liam (Adam Gillen) and Sam (Shelley Longworth). The Dawson’s arrived for a new holiday that didn’t get off to a great start and when Sheron’s Mum Loretta (Kate Fitzgerald) joined them and Benidorm would never be the same again!

The series follows the ups and downs of those at the Solana, including Joyce Temple Savage (Sherrie Hewson) looking for love with Monty (John Challis).

Alongside Uri Geller and Amanda Barrie, guest stars in the new series include Nigel Havers, John Challis, Jason Manford, George Shelley, Madness and Dame Joan Collins.

Series nine promises to be a suitcase packed full of all Benidorm's most loved characters, great guest stars, holiday mishaps and Mr Wu!

Benidorm airs at 9PM tonight on ITV.

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