Spider gets trapped inside woman's ear on E4's Bizarre ER

E4's shocking new medical series Bizarre ER was back this week with some weird and wonderful stories from the UK's hospitals.

In what's basically an E4 version of Channel 4's 24 Hours In A&E, Bizarre ER is a brand new series that follows the most unexpected, unusual and weird cases from hospitals around the UK.

The incredible accounts of people who have been caught in bizarre accidents and lived to tell the tale will also be retold through light-hearted cartoon reconstructions.


Checking in to Bizarre ER this week were a geezer who changed the blade of his angle grinder with the motor running, and a lady who is harbouring a creature in her earhole.

The lady was hanging out her washing when an unwelcome visitor FLEW Into her ear.

"I don't want it to eat through my brain and come out the other side... as long as it's not laying eggs in there," Natalie tells the cameras.

As Dr Neil whips his camera out, what will he find inside?

Bizarre ER airs Tuesday nights on E4 at 10PM.

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