The Replacement spoilers! First look at tonight's series finale here

Paula confesses her secret

The Replacement airs its series final on BBC One tonight as the thrilling new three part drama comes to an end.

Set in Glasgow, The Replacement follows the paranoia of Ellen (Morven Christie) who sees her identity being dismantled and can't work out whether the cause is another woman, Paula (Vicky McClure) or her own baby.

When a terrible accident strikes the firm, Ellen cannot accept the police verdict and pursues the person she believes responsible.


In tonight's series finale, after Paula confesses her secret, Ellen thinks she has proof that Paula is disturbed - but no one else sees it her way.

Ian thinks that Ellen is being insensitive and paranoid. The office turns against her and she is forced to leave for good, and when she tries to put Paula behind her Paula isn’t willing to let go.

When Ellen encounters Paula’s mysterious ex-colleague Georgia at an interview, Paula retaliates by driving a wedge between Ellen and her husband, questioning the paternity of their baby daughter.

After a catastrophic celebration at the new building, Ellen faces a fight not only for her career, but for her family as well.

The Replacement airs tonight Tuesday 14 March, 9.00PM, BBC One