Prime Suspect 1973 spoilers! Preview tonight's latest episode on ITV

Prime Suspect 1973 continues tonight on ITV and here's a first look clip.

The brand new crime drama - a prequel to Prime Suspect - opened to a strong 6 million viewers on ITV last week.

Starring Stefanie Martini as the young WPC Jane Tennison, the six-part series charts the rise of the novice policewoman as she assists in her first murder investigation, revealing her first steps towards becoming the complex and formidable character that viewers have come to know.

Adapted by Glen Laker, the hotly-anticipated series is set in 1970s Hackney, where women police constables are slowly being integrated into the force.

Amongst them is 22-year-old Jane, a naïve get determined probationary officer learning the ropes in a world where high-ranking police officers are notoriously chauvinistic and the rules often bent.


This week's episode sees Jane continuing to investigate the nasty murder of Julie Ann.

Having discovered that Eddie was menacing Julie Ann before her death, Jane seeks out DI Bradfield (Sam Reid) to tell him. Finding him drowning his sorrows in a local pub though, Jane sees her superior let down his guard and the pair bond.

The team also establishes that Julie Ann was last seen getting into a red Jaguar and Jane assists colleague, Kath Morgan, in tracking down the car. This leads them to Homerton Hospital Drug Unit where they interview receptionist, Teresa O’Duncie.

In prison, Clifford Bentley attacks a fellow inmate, risking the wrath of Clay Whitely and his son John Bentley starts carrying out their robbery plan by tunnelling from a local café towards the British Savings Bank.

Meanwhile, with the name “Oz” keeping coming up in the investigation, the team start looking into who this mystery man is and how he fits into the case.

Prime Suspect 1973 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV.