Benidorm continues! Preview tonight's latest episode on ITV

Benidorm is back tonight on ITV for the second episode of the new series.

Series 9 of Benidorm launched on ITV last Wednesday to big viewing figures and ITV have already confirmed a tenth series.

But before that starts, we've got this year's series to get through yet!

Last week we saw the new holiday season kicks off at the Solana resort with the return of two popular characters - Liam (Adam Gillen) and Sam (Shelley Longworth).


The Dawson’s arrived for a new holiday that didn’t get off to a great start and when Sheron’s Mum Loretta (Kate Fitzgerald) joined them – Benidorm will never be the same again!

In tonight's show, Joyce Temple Savage (Sherrie Hewson) is set to make a speech in Spanish and solicits Mateo’s help.

Joey thinks he’s signed up to an Ibiza trip whilst Kenneth inadvertently starts a mini-cab business. Sheron’s mother, Loretta turns up, and she’s already made an impression.

Guest stars in the new series include Nigel Havers, John Challis, Jason Manford, Uri Geller, Amanda Barrie, George Shelley, Madness and Dame Joan Collins.

Benidorm airs tonight at 9PM on ITV.

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