Call The Midwife spoilers! Preview tonight's latest episode on BBC One

Call The Midwife is back on BBC One tonight for the penultimate episode of the new series.

And here's a first preview of tonight's show, as Dr Turner fights to get Rhoda and Bernie Mullucks, (whose daughter Susan was born without limbs in series 5), the necessary support now that Susan’s problems are more obvious the older she gets.

Dr Turner refers Susan to the limb fitting unit at Queen Mary’s hospital, Roehampton, where children like Susan are fitted with artificial limbs. The prosthetics are cumbersome and terrifying but nevertheless the visit goes someway to normalise the situation for Rhoda, when she meets another mother of a thalidomide affected child.

But for Bernie, the visit leaves him traumatised by the reminder that his daughter is so profoundly disabled and he finally blames Rhoda for taking the pills. It seems as if Rhoda and Bernie may never be able to put things right, unless they find a way to focus their anger outside of their loving family.


Elsewhere, Nurse Crane relishes delivering a fourth son to the rumbustious mixed-race Antoine family.

Nurse Crane is a little protective over the Anotine brothers, who have been the recent victim of racist jibes at cubs. Sister Winifred’s driving has scarcely progressed at all, and after one particularly confusing session, Nurse Crane takes matters in hand, with distressing and far-reaching consequences. Afterwards, Nurse Crane experiences some of the darkest days of her life.

Meanwhile, Trixie becomes increasingly suspicious of Christopher Dockerill after a series of cancelled dates and an erroneous item of woman’s clothing found in his car.

She eventually confronts him and is shocked by his frank disclosure. Compelled to be honest herself, Trixie decides that it’s time to come clean about her own secret past.

Call The Midwife airs tonight at 9PM on BBC One.