When does Top Gear start on BBC Two? All about the new series

New series of Top Gear air date

Top Gear is back on BBC Two next month and here's all you need to know.

Top Gear is back! The new series of the world’s biggest motoring show sees Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid at the helm, with appearances from German race ace Sabine Schmitz, F1 pundit Eddie Jordan, and the international man of mystery referred to only as The Stig. Because that’s his name.

In this new seven-part series, Top Gear’s presenters journey across wildest Kazakhstan in cars with half a million miles on the clock, tackle old-school motorsport in Cuba, blast through America’s wild west in the latest convertible supercars, and attempt to turn an ugly South Korean people-carrier into a luxury yacht to rival Monaco’s finest.


Matt, Chris and Rory also review the latest and greatest cars from around the globe, from the Ferrari FXX K to the Aston Martin DB11, from the incredible Bugatti Chiron to the new Ford GT. Oh, and an eight-wheeled, all-terrain monster from Russia, because no series is truly complete without an eight-wheeled, all-terrain monster from Russia.

It’s all brought to you from Top Gear’s famous test track and its rather draughty studio, where a fresh crop of celebrities will attempt to impress with their driving skills.


When does Top Gear start on BBC Two?

Top Gear's new series will begin on BBC Two on Sunday, March 5, it's been confirmed.

As well as the main show there is Extra Gear, Top Gear’s behind-the-scenes companion show. Created for the first time alongside Series 23, Rory Reid and Chris Harris took a closer look at some of the films, the cars and the guests on Top Gear, giving fans an exclusive inside look.

For Series 24 comedian George Lewis takes the helm, with Chris and Rory alongside him. The trio will reveal specially shot behind the scenes content from some of the most iconic films in the new series, Chris Harris takes a closer look at cars which feature in the main show with a hot lap of the Top Gear track and seek out any funny moments and deleted scenes that didn’t make Top Gear’s final cut.

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