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Celebrity Big Brother’s Ann Widdecombe and Shane Jenek clash over ‘snowflakery’

Celebrity Big Brother’s Ann Widdecombe and Shane Jenek clash on tonight’s show.


The pair again come to blows as they discuss gender equality, and Ann bemoans ‘snowflakery’.

She hits out at women in the media for trying to ‘destroy men’.

“I call it the whimpery,” Ann adds.

Shane J responds: “Come on Ann, you have to acknowledge that men have done some horrible things to women.”

Ann replies: “And women have done some horrible things to men.

“There is now such a lot of whimpery and complaints about trivia and snowflakery.”

She continues: “But that is not what the last couple of years has been about in this country.

“It’s been about destroying men and the whole judicial system is loaded against men.”

“So wrongs make a right do they?” she questions Shane.


Rachel Johnson remarks: “She’s off.”

Elsewhere in tonight’s show, some of the housemates discuss Ashley’s and Ginuwine’s budding romance, and Rachel worries she will need to change beds.

“She’s going to be riding that Pony in no time,” remarks Daniel.

Elsewhere, India predicts she will be the one to get the boot from the house in tonight’s eviction.

“I think I irritate the whole house, it’s embarrassing,” says India.


In further highlights, Amanda talks to Shane J, Wayne and Andrew about her ex-husband and offers her theory on relationships.


Plus, Andrew Brady and Shane Jenek get closer as they share a romantic bath ahead of tonight’s eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.