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Celebrity Big Brother’s Ann Widdecombe ‘secret game plan’ revealed

Ann Widdecombe has a Celebrity Big Brother game plan, according to Rachel Johnson.


Rachel was one of two housemates to be evicted in last night’s Celebrity Big Brother results, alongside Maggie Oliver.

And Rachel has spilled all on Ann’s behaviour inside the house, claiming she plays up to the cameras.

“Ann was a great addition to the house because she’s forceful and uncompromising but her positions are not appropriate in this current age,” Rachel said. “I respect her for standing by her convictions but I don’t agree with her.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she accused Ann of playing a game: “Don’t forget Ann did Strictly and she does pantomime. She is very good at mugging for the cameras.

“If you watch her as I have done for two and a half weeks. You will see her doing a reaction shot every time something happens. She will cover her head with a towel, or she’ll touch her face and stare.”

Meanwhile, Rachel said she wanted Ann to go next and questioned her winning the ‘Year Of The Women’ series.


Rachel told the tabloid: “I think Ann having survived this eviction will be determined to win. I think it would be ironic given it’s the year of the woman and you’ve got an anti-feminist who’s going to win it. I don’t know how Channel 5 would work with that.

“I want Ann to go next. For the reason I don’t think she likes women.”

However the journalist said Ann claiming victory wasn’t to be ruled out.


“Stranger things have happened. It could be another Trump or Brexit,” she said, “The public don’t want to be directed. That’s all.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.