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Celebrity Big Brother speaks to Andrew Brady after Shane Jenek trouser prank

Big Brother has spoken to Andrew Brady following last night’s Celebrity Big Brother 2018 highlights.


In yesterday’s episode, Shane aka Courtney Act and Andrew were seen taking their flirting to the next level.

But some perceived Shane’s actions to be crossing a line, as the pair got physical in the living area.

“Everything’s f**ked,” remarked Andrew as he and Shane stood in the living area alone, giggling.

As Shane made a move on Andrew, The Apprentice star laughed: “That’s assault!”

Shane responded: “That’s not assault, this is!” before pulling at Andrew’s trousers.


“You’ve just ripped my pants!” reacted Andrew as the pair ended up play fighting on the sofas.

Although most saw the footage as fun, some viewers suggested that Shane / Courtney’s actions went too far.

In a newly released clip, Big Brother is seen speaking to Andrew about what happened.

“It was fine, it was nothing,” he laughs.

Andrew jokes: “I’m surprised it’s not happened earlier.”

He then tells Big Brother after being called into the Diary Room: “Oh my God, is this what it feels like not to be in trouble for once. I thought I’d done something again!”

Big Brother replies: “Big Brother just likes to keep a check on all housemates and check they’re happy and comfortable and everything is okay.”


Andrew responds: “I’ll just tell him not to do it again.”

He adds: “It’s funny, it’s all banter. I don’t get offended it’s what mates do really.”

Andrew and Courtney’s flirting followed Shane telling Big Brother there was no sexual feelings between them.

“There’s been lots of speculation and comment on our friendship,” he said. “It was nice to have a talk with him. We have a friendship others on the outside might not understand.


“I don’t feel anything sexual from him in the same way I don’t think he feels anything sexual from me.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.