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Celebrity Big Brother fans have had enough of India Willoughby

India Willoughby is losing all support from Celebrity Big Brother fans.


From constantly getting her boobs out to her ‘phobia’ of drag queens, tonight’s show saw plenty of India.

And for many, it was a lot more than they wanted to see.

Tonight’s episode began with India topless in the bathroom (again), which immediately left people unimpressed.

“Put em away india for gods sake #cbb,” reacted one viewer as another added: “yes you have boobs India.. we don’t need to keep seeing them though! #CBB ?? x”


When the male celebrities entered, India raised eyebrows after her comments to drag star Courtney act.


“Who walks up to a person and says “I have a phobia of you” I mean seriously what’s up with her?” tweeted a fan of the show.

Another agreed: “What an absolute hypocrite saying she’s scared of drag queens! Imagine if someone said they’re scared of transgenders?!? #CBBIndia”

Finally came a clash between India and Ginuwine over remarks about transexual dating.

India ended up storming off, annoying both viewers and her fellow housemates.

One person reacted on Twitter: “i don’t care if India is a man, woman or identifies as a bloody toaster but an a**ehole is a a**ehole! #CBBUK #cbb #CBBIndia”

And a second added: “I don’t care if #CBBIndia is a man or a woman, in fact I don’t care if anyone is a man or a woman, if you’re a t**t you’re still a t**t whatever your gender #CBB”


Malika Haqq won praise for calling out India, suggesting she was constantly trying to make herself out to be a victim.


“#CBBMalika was absolutely bang on there, #CBBIndia is trying her hardest to be a victim! #CBB,” posted a viewer to Twitter.

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