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Celebrity Big Brother fans call for ‘Dapper Laughs’ to be REMOVED

Some Celebrity Big Brother viewers think so-called comedian Dapper Laughs should be removed.


Fans have accused the comic – real name Daniel O’Reilly – of being sexist and even homophobic following the latest highlights from the house.

His comments about and towards a number of the women in the house have left many far from amused.

One moment in last night’s show proved particularly controversial, as the housemates played a game.

He branded Ashley James and Jess Impiazzi “f**king lesbians” after neither said they’d want to date him.

Many watching on from home were far from impressed by the remark, even if those in the house didn’t seem to care.

“#Daniel saying ‘f**king lesbians’ because neither girl fancied him is just a new low. What an absolute gimp. #cbb why did no one say anything?!” posted one viewer.

One tweeted: “‘F**king Lesbians’ – #CBBDaniel is f**king vile. Amanda should have run over and decked him #CBB”

Others went further and called for Dapper to be kicked out after a string of ‘offensive’ remarks.

“can dapper laughs get kicked out constant objectification of women and that “f**king lesbians” comment has got right on my nerves #cbb,” one fan complained.


However others defended the comedian.

@LJay815 tweeted: “Christ almighty, Daniel made a joke. Just because it has the word “lesbians” in it doesn’t mean you need to all go on a moral outrage.

“It was a tongue in cheek laugh that poked more fun at himself than anyone else. I do wonder how perfect y’all think you are.#cbb”

Another agreed: “The do gooders are out in force tonight. Not a fan of Daniel but ffs he’s messing about calling the girls lesbians. Stop being offended by everything ? #cbb”


Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

Daniel is one of five housemates currently up for eviction, ahead of a twist on Thursday and a double eviction on Friday.