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Celebrity Big Brother 2018 nominations! Two housemates face first eviction

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 nomination results! Who's up for eviction this week?

Two housemates face eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house this week.


The opening week of the series is over and the first elimination looms. The inaugural nominations of the series took place this evening LIVE – and face to face.

Jonny Mitchell and India Willoughby both ended up being put for the axe.

In a twist, the women still had the power and therefore they alone were the only ones to nominate.

However five housemates – Malika, Amanda, Jess and Maggie and Shane J – won immunity challenges over the first week and so could not be nominated.

celebrity big brother 2018 bb noms 2

Tonight, host Emma Willis went into the house to reveal the live, face to face nominations twist.


Housemates were given pictures of all the eligible housemates. They then had to pick the pictures of the two housemates they wanted to nominate.

In turn, each of the women stood up to reveal their nominations and gave their reasons why.

> Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Who nominated who in face to face nominations

At the end of the nominations, India had 6 nominations, Jonny had 4 nominations, Ann had 3 nominations, Andrew had 2 nominations and Ginuwine had 1 nomination.

Big Brother then confirmed that India and Jonny would be facing the first eviction of the series.

Meanwhile, the nominations saw the women’s time with the power in the house end.

The men and women will now compete to take control of the house in a series of tasks tomorrow (Wednesday).


Who do you want to SAVE from the nominated housemates? Vote in our eviction poll below…

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Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.


The first eviction takes place live this Friday night from 9PM.

Host Emma will be back to reveal the very first housemate to be booted out of the series.