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Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Natalie Nunn spills all the relationship secrets

Natalie Nunn has spilled all the romance secrets from the Celebrity Big Brother house.


The first housemate to be evicted has given the gossip from her point of view after leaving last Friday.

And she had plenty to say about the various relationships going on this series.

Natalie declared: “They’re all fake and full of s**t. But the people I feel most sorry for is the wives and girlfriends. That house is all just sex and lust. It’s wrong.”

She said of Roxanne Pallett and Ben Jardine: “Roxanne is allowing a man to kiss her neck, rub her head and touch her in the night. She is falling in love with Ben. And Ben loves her. They would play these theatrical love games. They acted it out…but they’re really in love.

“Roxanne knows she’s not innocent. She knows he has a pregnant girlfriend now but I don’t think it’ll change anything.”

In an interview with The Sun, Natalie went on to take aim at Gabby Allen and Dan Osborne, saying: “Dan wants Gabby. And Gabby wants Dan. They’re not showing that relationship.


“They plan spin the bottle every night. And they play truth or dare every single night. They asked Dan, if the world would end tomorrow and you had to have sex with someone in the house, who would it be? He said of course Gabby.

And on Chloe Ayling and Jermaine Pennant’s controversial flirting, Natalie claimed neither was innocent.

She said: “Jermaine is a disgusting, horrible person for leading Chloe on. But Chloe is a little s**t.

“Chloe knew what she was doing. If she wants to be known as being a homewrecker…I have no respect for people like that.”


Branding the group “so deceitful”, Natalie concluded: “The only good people in that house are Ryan [Thomas] and Nick [Leeson], they’re the good guys. And Sally [Morgan] is lovely too.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.