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Celebrity Big Brother 2018: India Willoughby rages after Andrew Brady drags up

India Willoughby was left fuming on Celebrity Big Brother 2018 last night when Andrew Brady dragged up.


Shane Jenek gave Andrew Brady a Courtney Act-style makeover, introducing Betty Swollocks to the group.

“You know how India said she was afraid of drag queens? This will be the drag queen she is afraid of,” Shane said.

The Aussie first taught The Apprentice’s Andrew how to tuck and tape.

“Dude it looks like a tied up pork joint,” Andrew reacted.

“Perfect!” exclaimed Shane.


After showcasing his new look, Andrew told the group: “I’ve just been sat there getting done for two and a half hours. I’ve got so much respect for you girls now. I s**t you not.”

Amanda Barrie added: “You’re so beautiful.”

And Wayne Sleep laughed: “Those lips, it’s enough to turn me straight.”

But ‘dragphobic’ India wasn’t happy.

“Are you having a traumatic response?” Shane asked.

Rachel Johnson commented: “She always does this it always goes wrong.”

Jess said: “It’s not offensive, I don’t understand.


“And now it’s made me feel sad now. It’s going to kick off isn’t it, I might go and hide under the bed.”

It did indeed kick off, with India’s reaction annoying Malika Haqq.

She complained about India: “She was given the option to leave the room. No one should have to stop their fun because of one human being.”

Andrew later tried to make amends, telling India: “I hope I’ve not pissed you off.”

An clearly riled India responded: “It’s not you its the whole thing.”

Elsewhere in tonight’s show, India gets into another row over her gender with the men of the house.


Meanwhile, India agrees sex as a woman could be better than as a man and she should have been given a ‘map’ after surgery. Amanda and Rachel say men should be given a ‘map’:

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.