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Celebrity Big Brother 2018 housemates propose a rebellion

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates have been plotting to overthrow Big Brother.


It follows Ann Widdecombe and Daniel O’Reilly taking control of the house, assigning roles to the rest of the group.

Unhappy with the situation, yesterday (Friday) saw a group meeting called to discuss the problem.

Andrew Brady told the group: “I’d like to start us off by saying I am for a revolution. Now what I want to propose to the Big Brother house isn’t taking away your guys responsibility in the kitchen.

“What it is however is to fairly divide the work for the rest of us who haven’t got jobs an feel you are unfairly treated by doing everything in that kitchen.

“We are as a collective present demographics, races, genders, sexuality from around the world.


“So I feel like we are a good group of people who can come together and we can be a fair nation.”

Andrew concluded: “This might not be what we want now but it’s what we want in the future and this is out right as free human beings to fight for what we want.”

Shane Lynch however wanted to postpone the rebellion until after the evening’s double eviction.

He said: “Put the revolution on hold but if it’s the same tomorrow morning, we will f**k s**t up!”

The housemates then began to chant “F**k s**t up” at the sofas in protest to Big Brother.

Meanwhile, in highlights to be shown in this evening’s episode, Maggie Oliver is seen confronting Ann after the week’s nominations twist.

Ann put Maggie up for the axe, because of her ‘unkind’ laughing during a task where the men faced a birthing simulator.


“I didn’t mind the nomination, it really hurt me what you said. I felt it was unfair,” Maggie told Ann in scenes to air tonight.

“Why did you think it was unfair?” Ann asked.


“Because we were all laughing, it wasn’t just me,” Maggie responded.

Ann defended her choice: “I know you were, we weren’t all laughing actually – Rachel wasn’t. I did say, you’d have to be next to me for me to be certain. I could never have been certain that any of the others were. There were more people laughing, I knew that, but it was wrong.”


Celebrity Big Brother returns tonight at 10:25pm on Channel 5, or catch it first on 5Star at 9pm.

Emma will be back on Tuesday at 9pm for another live eviction.