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Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Gabby Allen rejects Dan Osborne’s offer of a ‘magic massage’

Gabby Allen declines a massage from Dan Osborne on tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother.


In this evening’s episode, the pair are in the bedroom when Dan makes the offer.

He says: “If you need a proper massage, these hands are magic.”

But Gabby responds: “Somehow I don’t think so.”

It follows Gabby denying that the pair had “f**ked” after questioning from fellow housemate Natalie Nunn.

“Dan is married and has been ever since I’ve known him and they were still together when I met him,” Gabby explained.

She added: “He’s just had a baby seven weeks ago. I spoke to his wife [Jacqueline Jossa] and everything. I said to her: ‘I just want to let you know, nothing happened.'”


Gabby and Dan both entered the house last week with history.

In April this year, Love Island Gabby’s fairytale romance came to a crashing holt when she found out that Marcel had cheated on her whilst they were away on holiday together.

Meanwhile, TOWIE’s Dan Osborne has been in the headlines recently for his relationship with ex-EastEnders’ actress Jacqueline Jossa.

In June it was reported that his wife Jacqueline had dumped him after learning he had cheated on her with a Miss Essex.

That was followed by more claims when he was pictured with Gabby.

Gabby was once again at the centre of a media frenzy when reports suggested Dan had cheated on Jacqueline with her. Both Dan and Gabby hit back at the rumours, firmly denying them.

Speaking before entering the house, Gabby said: “I can’t wait for other housemates to learn about me as an individual and not in a relationship.”

Meanwhile, Dan says he’s a “better person now” after previous controversy in another relationship.

He said: “It’s no secret that I’ve been through a storm in the media – the recordings of an argument that I had in a previous relationship, but if anything it’s made me a better person now.


“Life now is a lot more positive. Since then I’ve had two more children…I have a different outlook on pretty much everything.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.