Introducing TellyMix for mobiles and tablets!


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Here's our special Christmas present to our readers, a mobile website that actually works!

In just the last month we've had more than a million visitors from mobile devices, and quite a few complaints about browsing our site from your phones.

So with more and more of you logging in to TellyMix from your phones and tablets, our newly optimised webiste will make it easier to browse.

Featuring all the same content on the website, our mobile site should be speedy and quick to use over 3G and 4G networks.

And there's no fee or app to download, just browse to in your favourite mobile browser, or click the mobile link in the footer of our website.

If you're using an iPhone, iPad or other iOS device, you can also quickly add our website to your homescreen too, simply select the option from Safari's menu.


The new mobile website is compatible with all iOS devices, Android phones and tablets and Windows Phones, if anyone is actually using them.

From the homepage you can easily see the top and most recent stories, as well as jumping to the latest news from the current on air shows we're blogging about.

There's also all the pictures and video from the website, if your mobile can play them.

If you prefer however you can easily switch to the desktop version of the site from any mobile page by using the link in the footer.

TellyMix for iPad
TellyMix for iPad

Please report any bugs or issues to us using our contact form

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