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Big Brother’s Brooke Berry breaks down over surprise nomination

Brooke Berry is left in tears on Big Brother 2018 tonight over her surprise nomination.


Currently, Four housemates face eviction this week after Sunday’s nomination. Isaac Jagroop, Brooke Berry, Kenaley Amos-Sissons, and Akeem Griffiths have been put up for the axe. Kay Lovelle was also nominated before she walked last night.

However, only Isaac and Akeem (and, before she left, Kay) were nominated for by the housemates.

Unknown to the group, both Brooke and Kenaley were nominated by viewers after they were voted the least favourite housemates.

In this evening’s episode, Brooke breaks down as the eviction looms.

“It’s just so scary, isn’t it, like it’s so scary,” she sobs.

Brooke tells Big Brother in the Diary Room: “Two people are like, looking at me in the face and saying they’re shocked that I’m p for eviction when they nominated me.


“I don’t know what I’ve done, I could have done something so bad.”

But before the eviction, there’s a chance for one housemate to be saved.

In yesterday’s show, the housemates were thrown a big party involving food, drink, music and costumes. Tonight it’s revealed that the party was actually just a set up for the next game changer task.

Those taking part are the nominated housemates plus richest housemate Cian and Cameron, chosen by Cian to take Kay’s place.

This evening, Akeem reads out the instructions: “Welcome to this week’s Game Changer – last housemate standing. Big Brother hopes your heads aren’t too sore this morning. As this game-changer will require housemates to be mentally on the ball and remember the facts about last night and the rest of your time in the Big Brother house.

“This is a true or false quiz and the last housemate standing will be crowned the winner and have the power to save one housemate from the public vote.”

In a further twist, at the weekend Tomasz won an “Extra Life” which he can use to give one housemate of his choice a second chance.


Whoever wins can save a housemate from eviction, including themselves, or leave the current nominations as they are.

Big Brother 2018 airs nightly on Channel 5 Sunday-Fridays at 10PM.