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Big Brother to be axed? Channel 5 boss speaks out out about the show’s future

Channel 5’s boss has spoken out about the future of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother.


Channel 5 is nearing the end of a three year deal with programme makers Endemol for both shows which will conclude in 2018.

Ratings for the series have dropped in recent years and this summer hit some all-time lows, leading to speculation they won’t be back beyond next year.

Speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival last week, Channel 5’s current boss Ben Frow hinted he wanted rid of the show, saying it had “declined declined declined”.

He said: “I think most channels want to create their own content. I don’t really want a show from another channel.”

Big Brother presenters Rylan  and Emma
Big Brother presenters Rylan and Emma

In a later interview at the event, Frow went on to expand on his comments and quipped: “I’ve been getting hate mail from Big Brother fans.”

He said of the show: “Big Brother has been hugely successful for Channel 5. It has been a very valuable show to Channel 5 in terms of bringing young viewers. But I made it clear when I came that it would be very irresponsible to have one show carrying that amount of weight.


“That gives the production company a gun held to my head and we don’t need that. So we’ve worked over four years to find other shows that can attract young viewers.”

Frow pointed out that new ‘Love Island rival’ Make Or break was “bigger than Big Brother” this summer with its younger viewers.

On Big Brother being renewed beyond 2018, Frow admitted it was still up in the air.

“We’re going to have a discussion about it. I need to know, like I would with any commission, what are the plans for the future? How will it be creatively renewed? How is it still important to me?” he said.

He added: “It’s a very established brand, a very successful brand but there’s a big shiny new show on the block called Love Island. We need to take a good long look at Big Brother and go what does it look like for the future?”

Frow said that he wanted Channel 5 shows that were “relevant for now” and “exciting for viewers”.

Emma and Rylan
Emma and Rylan

“I don’t think Big Brother just because it’s a big brand should be any exception to the rule,” he concluded.


So whether or not we will get more Big Brother after next year still remains to be seen…

For now, Celebrity Big Brother will return to Channel 5 in January.