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Big Brother 2018: Cameron Cole’s new hair cut causes a big argument

Cameron Cole’s new hair cut caused quite the stir in the Big Brother 2018 house this weekend.


Brooke Berry and Sîan Hamshaw gave Cameron a trim at his request, but Lewis Flanagan wasn’t impressed with the results and made sure everyone knew his opinion.

“That is insane. I can’t believe how they’ve tried to convince you that’s a good hair cut,” he told Cameron of the new look.” That’s embarrassing. You’ve been butchered. You shouldn’t have let them do it… It looks like Edward Scissorhands cut your hair somehow.”

Sian defended the cut: “I like it, I think it looks good.”

Lewis replied: “He looks cool, I’m not saying he’s ugly or he’s a ****. I’m just saying I don’t like the hair cut. I think it’s been butchered that’s all.”

Sian responded: “But you could say it a bit nicer.”

Brooke added: “He can get it done a thousand times better on the outside. We’ve just given him the little change he wanted and he feels better about it, so what’s the downside?”


Lewis continued: “There’s nothing good about that haircut. He looks cool, he can pull it off because he’s handsome… telling him that it’s Vogue or editorial because you messed his hair up is patronising.

“I’m being honest. I think you’ve butchered him. It’s wonky, it’s not blended in, it’s too high on one side, it’s too low on the other side. He’s been absolutely butchered.”

Sian snapped back at Lewis: “You don’t go in like that. You don’t just be a p***k about it… You’re saying it in a rude way.”

Lewis claimed the girls were offended by his ‘review’ but Brooke told him: “I’m not offended that you don’t like it, I just think it could be said in a nicer way to him.

“Saying it is gonna make him self-conscious and especially if you keep repeating the fact we’ve ‘butchered his hair’.”

“It’s my freedom of speech” declared Lewis.


Brooke concluded: “Just don’t make him self-conscious ‘cos it ain’t fair.”

Big Brother 2018 continues Sunday night at 10PM on Channel 5.