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Big Brother 2018: Brooke Berry speaks out on Lewis Flanagan’s removal

Brooke Berry has given the inside scoop on Lewis Flanagan’s removal from the Big Brother 2018 house.


Lewis was kicked out of the house last Friday with “immediate effect” after using “unacceptable language”.

While Big Brother did not air the scenes that got him removed, Lewis himself recently explained that a “stupid impression” got him the ejected.

He said: “I was talking to Cameron about getting him some outfits and I said the word ‘Auschwitz’ instead of outfits by mistake. It was a slip of the tongue and and then I tried to mock Hitler and did an impression of him saying ‘Kill the Jews’.

“It was an impression not a statement of my beliefs at all – and has come out completely wrong and I’m devastated. I am not anti-Semitic, I am agnostic. I love all people.”

Lewis told fans he was “truly sorry” for anyone who may have been offended by the unaired comments and insisted he was “not a bad person.”

Now following her own eviction, Brooke has spoken out about the incident.


“I think the way Lewis talks is way too fast and the things he says, he talks faster than his brain can possibly imagine,” she said. “I completely understand that he wasn’t thinking.”

Defending Lewis, she went on: “If he was ever a person I’d judged as someone who’d have these thoughts, even these f**king feelings, I would never have made him someone I’m close to.

“But, I know he’s not someone that feels that way and he’s not someone who’d ever genuinely think those thoughts through and still say them.

“And I think he did himself an injustice by saying that because he isn’t like that. Saying those things ruined his chances of going further in the process. That was very unfortunate for me, but it was just an unfortunate thing that happened.”

Brooke concluded (via DigitalSpy): “I don’t think he should have said it. He knows he shouldn’t have said it. He was really, really guilty afterwards.”

Lewis had been the favourite to win the series before his removal and recently said he had ‘lost everything’ after his exit.

There are now just four housemates left in the Big Brother house ahead of the final on Monday night.


Cameron is now the current favourite to take home the £100,000 prize in what is set to be the last ever series of Big Brother on UK TV.

Big Brother is back 9PM on Sunday night with the last highlights show of the series.