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Big Brother 2018: Brooke Berry RAGES at Cameron Cole after secret twist

Brooke Berry is left FUMING with Cameron Cole in tonight’s Big Brother 2018 highlights.


It follows the housemates being split up into prisoners and wardens for the latest shopping task.

For the task, Sian, Zoe and Cameron will take on the role of prison wardens while all other housemates will be inmates and get locked up.

Zoe read out the instructions to the group: “Housemates following a series of rule breaks, insubordinate behaviour and repeated misconduct, Big Brother has decided that it would benefit housemates to spend a day behind bars as the Big Brother House becomes the Big Brother Correctional Facility.”

What the wardens don’t know is that the prisoners are on a series of secret challenges which they must complete in order to pass the shopping task.

And as part of that task, they get to spy on the wardens via a hidden TV set in their jail cell, seeing and hearing everything they say.

The twist leads to Brooke getting VERY angry when she gets to overhear Sian, Zoe and Cameron discussing her.


As part of the task, the wardens are asked to write reports on the inmate housemates listing their positive and negative qualities.

Sian, Zoe and Cameron struggle to come up with positive traits for Brooke, eventually listing polite, remorseful and ‘easily handled’.

When it comes to her negative traits, Cameron brands Brooke a “moaner” claiming she is “bringing down the rest of the house.”

Watching on, Brooke is not amused.

“What a f**king d**k. f**k off,” she snaps from the prison. “What a ****. Is this actually about me? What a w**ker. F**k off. Whatever bruv.”

Brooke continues to rant: “I’m never going to speak to him again and I’ll f**king tell you that now I will f**king give him f **king miserable, the f**king *****.”


Meanwhile, the wardens continue dissecting Brooke, branding her a ‘naggerer’.

Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.