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Big Brother 2018: Brooke Berry is NOT happy with Zoe Jones after secret task

Brooke Berry is less than impressed by Zoe Jones on Big Brother 2018 tonight.


And the feeling appears to be mutual as the fallout of this week’s secret shopping task continues.

This week, housemates have been split into wardens – Sian, Zoe and Cameron – and inmates – Akeem, Brooke, Lewis, Cian and Tomasz – at Big Brother’s Correctional Facility.

As part of the task, the inmates have been able to secretly watch and listen in on the wardens via a hidden TV in their prison cell.

They’ve not liked everything they’ve overheard with Brooke taking aim at Zoe in tonight’s episode.

“I just don’t want to sit with her because I don’t know what kind of person she is,” complains Brooke from the prison. “They’re running this like an actual prison and they’re our mates. They’re treating us like s**t so they get nice food.”

She continues: “If that’s how [Zoe] acts with fake Big Coins imagine what she’s going to do for £100,000. That says a lot about her person. She looks to me like the best game player in here.


“She’s made it through this whole way without a single nomination by being this character and if that’s how she’s been talking about us for the past six weeks, she’s no one’s friend.

“That’s upsetting because she was genuinely one of my favourite people in here for a very, very long time but it ain’t this side of her that I like. If that’s the real her then I ain’t interested.”

In the house, Zoe was equally as unhappy with the behaviour of Brooke, as well as Lewis and Cian.

She complained in the bedroom: “I’m angry, I’m upset, I’m tired, I’m due on my period and I’m just sick of being here. Instead of being with my son, I’m stuck in here with people who I don’t want to be with,” she says. “Lewis, Brooke and Cian haven’t spoke to me all day. They haven’t even said hello to me.


“Why the f**k should I sit in clothes that make me feel so fat, overweight and frumpy and butch as f**k when they’re not even bothered. I look like a fat c**t and it’s f**king s**t. No one gives a f**k so I’m not going to give a f**k. F**k everyone.”

Big Brother 2018 airs at 10PM tonight on Channel 5.