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Big Brother 2018: Brooke Berry clashes with new housemate Hussain Ahmed

Big Brother spoiler

Brooke Berry clashes with new housemate Hussain Ahmed in tonight’s Big Brother 2018 highlights.


The latest eviction on Friday night saw Isaac Jagroop eliminated, promoting a tearful reaction from the group.

But housemates were quickly provided with a distraction by Big Brother with Hussain Ahmed and Isabella Farnese joining the house.

However they didn’t get the warmest of reactions from the group.

Hussain in particular found himself clashing with some of the original housemates after just one day following a remark about the state of the house.

A chat between him and Brooke ends with her storming off, ranting: “I’m actually going to walk out because you’re p***ing me off… What a f**king w**ker.”

Hussain defends himself: “I’ve cleaned up my s**t. I’ve only been here a day, I’ve cleaned up after myself.”


Brooke later complains to the other housemates: “He’s just made a bad first impression on a lot of people. I said earlier , I want to like him, I wanna find him funny. I’ll be open minded.

“If he makes me laugh then I’ll be buzzing about it but at the moment , he’s not funny. He’s just being a bit of a w**ker.”

Also unhappy with the newbies is Zoe Jones.

She says: “I don’t like this. I want Isaac to come back. I us to have a choice to put them both back out and bring Isaac back.”

Brooke replies: “It’s almost like someone coming into your home and then saying that ‘This is so Dirty’. We’ve been here for three weeks and we’ve just had a party. ”

Elsewhere in tonight’s show, there’s the chance for one of the current housemates to achieve immunity.


Big Brother’s weekly auction will see housemates able to bid for immunity using their Big Coins. Currently Tomasz Wania is the richest housemate after Isaac donated his Big Coin total to him after the eviction.

Big Brother 2018 continues Sunday-Friday nights at 10PM on Channel 5.