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Big Brother 2018: Brooke Berry asks to leave the house with days to go

Brooke Berry asks to leave the Big Brother 2018 house tonight.


Despite there now being just one week to go until the grand final, Brooke asks Big Brother to exit the house.

“I wanna go home,” she tells Big Brother in the Diary Room.

In the chat, Brooke reflects on her current experience in the house: “I just think… well how can that not psychologically f**K with anyone?”

She continues: “I didn’t come here to win. I didn’t come here to be in the final. So why am I putting myself through this? Can I leave?”

It comes just 24 hours after Brooke celebrated making it through to the final week with Cian Carrigan.

He told her: “We are on the final hurdle now. Who’d have thought on launch it’d be me, you, Sian Zoe, Cameron and Akeem. You’d never have predicted that. It’s mad. We’re the last six. What the f**k? We’re nobodies who are we?”


Brooke laughed: “We’re just a couple of gays hanging out at the end of the day.”

Meanwhile in tonight’s show, Cameron gets a special task from Big Brother.

“Big Brother would like to treat you all to a delicious Sunday roast with all the trimmings,” Big Brother tells the group before telling Cameron it was up to him to cook it all – with no help from the other housemates.

With roast beef, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, a selection of fresh veg and a lashing of gravy to prepare, Cameron declared it a “disaster” before his challenge even began.

Elsewhere this evening, there’s a mega game of hide and seek, Cian and Zoe make amends and Cian talks about his feelings for Cameron.


Big Brother 2018 is back this evening at 10PM on Channel 5. The live final takes place on Monday, November 5.

Housemates are currently unaware that two of them will leave in a double eviction on Friday.