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Big Brother 2018: Brooke Berry and Lewis Flanagan get close before his removal

Brooke Berry and Lewis Flanagan get close on tonight’s Big Brother 2018 highlights show.


The pair’s rather unusual relationship takes another turn in this evening’s episode, before Lewis was removed from the house today for unacceptable language.

“You’re so pretty,” Lewis tells Brooke as the pair snuggle up.

The pair then attempt a kiss, before Tomasz interjects: “Eww, what the f**k is wrong with you guys?”

“We’re joking! We said let’s see how far we can go before it gets awkward,” Brooke responds before insisting: “He’s like my little brother.”]

The scenes follow Brooke questioning her closeness with Lewis earlier this week.

She asked Zoe in Monday’s show: “Do you think my relationship with Lewis is weird? ‘Cause I’m gay, does it look like we’re flirting?”


Zoe replied: “Not in a serious way… maybe more on Lewis’ part!”

Brooke responded: “I’m like that with people in general, men and women. If it was a woman it’d be different.”

Meanwhile in tonight’s BBUK, thoughts turn to the impending eviction where Cian, Akeem and Tomasz face the axe.

Cian tells Cameron: “If I got half the reception Isabella got I will be thriving. I literally will be so happy. I can’t wait. I really think I’m going and I’m excited.”

Cameron however predicts Tomasz will be the unlucky one to leave.

“If he leaves to boos I’m going to be really upset,” says Cian. “I don’t think he could handle that.”

Cameron agrees: “He can’t handle boos.”


Elsewhere, the prison shopping task continues and Brooke is left fuming with Zoe after secretly spying on her.

Big Brother 2018 continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5 with the latest highlights and eviction result.